Die Münzstätte Hamah

Sylloge Numorum Arabicorum Tübingen IVc Bilad as-Sam III

Among the public collections of Islamic coins, a rich and ever fruitful historical source, the one at the University of Tübingen is of major significance. This series of publications, which began with a documentation of the coins minted in the region of P

  • Author: Lorenz Korn
  • ISBN: 978 3 8030 1102 2
  • Size: 29 x 38 cm. Paperback
  • Edition: 1. Edition


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  • During the High and Late Middle Ages the most important town between Damascus and Aleppo was Hama, the seat of the Ayyubid dynasty, founded by Saladin. For the whole period from around 1178 to 1430 coins were minted in Hama, partly in the name of the loca

  • Illustrations 21 Plates with Coins
    Edition 1. Edition
    Author Lorenz Korn
    Release 1998
    Size 29 x 38 cm. Paperback
    Editor Forschungsstelle für Islamische Numismatik – Abteilung für Orient- und Islamwissenschaft (AOI) der Universität Tübingen
    ISBN 978 3 8030 1102 2
    Number of pages 58
    Languages deutsch


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