Zeit Stadt Wert

Werke von Erik Sturm

The visual artist Sturm has become known for his exploration of the sediments and residues of the city: He goes on a sculptural search for materials at construction sites and demolition houses, works sculpturally with advertising columns, construction tools, or with fine dust deposits, and elevates them to art objects after they have lost their function in urban communication.

  • Editor: Iris Haist, Pia Littmann
  • ISBN: 978 3 8030 3383 3
  • Size: 18 x 25 cm. Paperback
  • Edition: 1st edition, original edition


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  • The catalog was published to accompany the exhibition of the same name at the Hospitalhof Stuttgart (June 3 – July 29, 2016). Erik Sturm’s first professionally curated solo exhibition brought together works from his Modern Archaeology complex from 2010 to 2016, showing nine artworks or ensembles of works that reflect various material phenomena of public space: a 30-year-old sawn poster pillar, for example, a steel girder twisted by violent but accidental external circumstances from the Stuttgart 21 construction site of the century, and the Neckartor black reliefs made of dust paint from the intersection with the highest measured particulate matter level in Germany, which have since made the news.
    Beyond the exhibition, five expert and richly illustrated essays and interviews with the artist illuminate his stance on current trends in urban life and his connection to the Stuttgart art space LOTTE. The more than 50 color illustrations, some of them full-page, provide a vivid impression of Sturm’s work in recent years.
    Erik Sturm was recently honored as one of the winners of the Art Promotion Award of the Evangelical Church in Württemberg.

  • Editor Iris Haist, Pia Littmann
    Artist Erik Sturm
    Preface Christiane Lange, Monika Renninger, Petra Olschowski
    Text André Bischoff, Christian Malycha, Iris Haist, Pia Littmann, Susanne M.I. Kaufmann
    ISBN 978 3 8030 3383 3
    Size 18 x 25 cm. Paperback
    Number of pages 108 pages
    Illustrations 54 colored illustrations
    Languages German
    Edition 1st edition, original edition
    Release June 2016


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