Paul Bonatz 1877–1956

This richly illustrated monograph furnished with a works catalogue and commentary presents Paul Bonatz (1877–1956), one of the most influential architects and teachers of architecture in the 20th century, who left behind a multifaceted work between the Mo

  • Editor: Roland May, Wolfgang Voigt
  • ISBN: 978 3 8030 0729 2
  • Size: 30 x 24 cm. Hardcover
  • Edition: 2. Reprint


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  • Bonatz was a liberal cosmopolitan, whose relationship to National Socialism was correspondingly reserved. However, he sought after state contracts in the 1930s, which he also received. Although as a bridge builder he held an influential position in the co

  • Illustrations 480 Illustrations, partly in Colour
    Edition 2. Reprint
    Release 10. Dezember 2011
    Size 30 x 24 cm. Hardcover
    Editor Roland May, Wolfgang Voigt
    ISBN 978 3 8030 0729 2
    Number of pages 320
    Languages deutsch, englisch
    Text Burcu Dogramaci, Hartmut Frank, Joaquin Medina-Warmburg, Karl Kiem, Marc Hirschfell, Matthias Roser, Roland May, Uwe Bresan, Wolfgang Voigt


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